How to play Table Tennis for Beginners

Are you wondering how to play table tennis for beginners? You know it involves a ball and a table, however, from there you will be clueless. Allow us to begin with the basic understanding and fundamentals of the sport.

How to play Table Tennis for Beginners:

Table tennis, which is additionally usually mentioned as Ping-Pong, is a sport enjoyed by many folks of all talent levels. In fact, it’s the foremost common sport using rackets within the world. To begin, you’ll like some supplies: a table that’s divided by a net, 2 small rackets or paddles, and a hollow light-weight ball. You’ll conjointly need a minimum of 2 players.

For serious players, regulation sizes matter once learning how to play table tennis for beginners. Balls should be forty millimeters in diameter and therefore the paddles should be created from a minimum of eighty-fifth real wood. Once the sports 1st began in Great Britain, it had been played with champagne corks as balls, and books as paddles. What you’ll use depends on how serious of a player you’re and what your goals happen to be.

The game itself is incredibly almost like regular tennis tho’ it’s on a way smaller scale and a few of the rules differ. Each sport needs 2 to four players to hit a ball back and forth to one another over a dividing net. The rules will be complicated, however, if you’re a beginner then begin with the fundamentals and incorporate a lot of as you learn how to play table tennis.

Most matches’ are played in a very best out of 3 or best out of 5 sets. Whoever reaches eleven points 1st and is ahead by a minimum of a two-point difference is the winner of that game. A point is scored whenever the ball is placed into play. The player who serves (which is typically determined by a coin toss) tosses the ball into the air and hits it making it bounce a minimum of once on his own facet before it crosses the net.

If you hit a ball double during a row, you lose a point. If your shot hits something, on the other hand, the table (wall, ceiling, opponent) your opponent gets the point.

You want a pleasant steady back and forth flow to your game; whoever misses returning the ball loses the purpose. There are more in-depth rules you’ll study and study once it involves knowing a way to play the table game. Make certain each opponent agree upon the foundations before beginning a game.



Remember to greet and be a decent sport in the end matches, regardless of the end result. Nobody likes a mean loser or a gloating winner. Currently go have some fun, as you currently understand a number of the basics on how to play table tennis. offers a line-up of killer table tennis DVDs. If you are looking for ping pong videos to enhance your game, visit for the simplest table tennis videos.




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